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Bighorn Brain Dump

Just started my year-long fellowship with Colorado State University‘s Bighorn Leadership Development Program.  Bighorn Fellows focus on improving the quality of health care in Colorado through leadership in public policy.  Past Bighorn initiatives have successfully advanced new health policies into law.

Chris Adams, Brenda Morrison and Kelly Shanahan Marshall, super-savvy policy strategists from Engaged Public, facilitated our group and helped us to coalesce around long sessions, delicious meals and fireside chats at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort.  A huge shout out to Kristen Petty who organized the weekend beautifully and created a Bighorn Yearbook to put names with faces.

2011 Bighorn Fellows will also implement a “boots on the ground” project to address a need or issue in our community.  While all of us will pitch an idea, we’ll come to a consensus on one project.  Should be interesting to see what we narrow it down to given the complexities of health care reform, the myriad issues impacting Colorado Springs and the diversity of organizations at the table including health/wellness, education, small business, non-profit, foundation, public health, hospital, military, communication/PR and legal sectors.

We spent this first weekend getting up to speed on the health care landscape; topics included:

  • Role of public leadership, policy and politics in the context of Colorado’s health care space
  • Updates on  federal, state, and local healthcare policy and initiatives
  • Exploration of healthcare data and needs for El Paso County
  • Identification of projects and policies that positively influence health and healthy living

I’m in the process of researching the project I’ll pitch.  Leaning toward the issue of healthcare  information technology relative to the digital divide…