Mom Knows Best: 4 Tips for Living Well

My Mom

Forgive me for re-posting old content but in doing so I hope to show my appreciation and love not only for my mother, but for all the mothers out there who sacrifice so much for their kids. Thank you for all you do and Happy Mother’s Day!

Originally posted 5/8/2011

Dear Mom,

You’ve given me so much love, patience, and support over the past forty years. You’ve also given me something invaluable: a role model. In watching you, I’ve learned there are at least three things I can do to thrive in my life:

1. Find meaningful work: Many years ago you told me the civil rights battle of my generation was going to be fought in the classroom. I didn’t know what you meant back then, but I do now. I’ve watched you dedicate your career to improving educational opportunities for kids. You’ve inspired me to try and make a difference, too.

Thanksgiving in Mexico

2. Be willing to grow & change: As kids, you were always there for us. After we left home, you went back to school for your Masters and then a PhD. Now, you’re a successful business owner. Seeing you constantly set a higher bar for yourself has taught me to do the same.

¡Pocos Locos!

3. Marry your best friend: You and Daddy make such a great team. You taught me the importance of working hard at marriage…and I don’t mean the laundry!

The love, respect, and laughter you share extends outward to those around you. We’ve all been warmed by your light!

4.  Lastly, make sure there are plenty of dogs around!

Mabel & Mom


4 responses to “Mom Knows Best: 4 Tips for Living Well

  1. Mary Lou Porter

    This is so wonderful, Meredith! I see why you are so beautiful inside and out – you are just like your mother!!! How blessed you both are to have each other! Love and blessings, Mary Lou

    • Aw, shucks, Mary Lou! Thanks so much! You are right that Mom & I are blessed to have each other. As the years go by, time gets more and more precious! Blessings to you, a wonderful mother and grandmother, on this Mother’s Day!!!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful, talented lady! And you are definitely your mother’s daughter! Excellent advice, too!

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