Healthcare Reform 101 – Changes Coming Our Way

Are you aware of the healthcare issues the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act seeks to address and how it plans to do it?  Do you know how this will affect you and what the timing for roll-out is?

Health Care Reform Hits Main Street

For a simplified way to get up to speed, check out the Kaiser Family Foundation’s video.  If you’d like to get a sense of timing, check out their Implementation Timeline.

What neither tells you is that for those of us who have private insurance right now, our premiums are already going up despite the fact that most of us, strapped with higher gas and food prices, are using our health care services less.  Huh?

According to the NYT, insurance companies keep jacking up premiums “even though their reserve coffers are flush with profits”.  Eventually laws require insurers to adopt changes, like forcing them to cover expensive pre-existing conditions and provide free preventive care.

Gosh, maybe they’re ahead of schedule on that last one because I feel like I’m already getting a colonoscopy.


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